Trade Talk: Cleveland

The finger pointing does not seem to be ending any time soon in Cleveland. With the team slipping and the franchise looking in the mirror and realizing there is a real chance this is the team’s final run with LeBron, its time for a blockbuster trade. Here are some potential trade packages that would shake up the NBA world:

Cavs send: IT, Tristan Thompson, Channing Frye, and JR

Clips send: DJ, Louis Williams, Harrell, and Jawun Evans

Something along the lines of the trade above seems most plausible for the Cavs. There clearly are not enough shots to go around in Cleveland and they can’t get it figured out on the defensive end. Here is another trade idea:

Cleveland sends: Kevin Love, Channing Frye, Shmpert

Portland sends: Nurkic, Evan Turner, Zach Collins future first round pick

Portland and Cleveland both seem eager to make roster tweaks before the deadline, and this trade would allow both sides to make changes in preparation for a playoff run. This next theoretical trade is a little less likely, but would make jaws drop around the league. What if…. Philly decides they have trusted the process long enough and cash in on some of their assets.

Cleveland sends: K Love, IT, Frye, Shump, and JR

76ers send: Ben Simmons, JJ Redick, Amir Johnson, and Justin Anderson

The above trade does not seem too likely, but man…… That would shake up the league and drive ratings through the roof. A few more somewhat long-shot trades are:

IT, Love, and Shump for George Hill, Zeebo, Fox, Vinsanity and possible picks

Love, IT, Frye, and Shump for Bledsoe, Snell, Maker, and Henson or for Brogdon, Middleton, Maker, and Henson instead

Tristan Thompson, Love, IT for Gobert, Ingles, and Rubio along with future picks

IT, Thompson, Love, and Frye for Kemba Walker, Batum, Kaminsky, and Malik Monk

Published by Jackson Stoever

Recent Oklahoma State graduate who is a die-hard Suns fan.

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