What in the World are the Redskins Thinking?

Let me just start by saying this, I have literally no idea… Dan the man strikes again with a terrible move on the part of the Redskins franchise. This might even be the worst one yet. Even worse than the Albert Haynesworth deal.

Washington gave up a very talented 22 year old corner that was taking up next to no cap room in Kendall Fuller AND and third round draft pick just to downgrade at QB. Yes, what they gave Alex Smith is probably a solid chunk short of what they would have had to pay Cousins, but he’s also 4 years older and nowhere near the skill level of Cousins. Cousins trumps Smith in every single facet of the game except maybe game management. If they were concerned about cap space though, trading Fuller was not the way to go. The Redskins easily could have found another combo of player and pick that would serve them better moving forward.

This move just does not seem to make sense from any perspective. You let Cousins walk, lose one of your best corners (22 and a small contract), and a third round pick, just to bring in an average QB nearing the end of his career. Why not just sign cousins long term and trade a player or 2 taking up a couple million/year in cap space? Then if things aren’t working with Cousins at any point simply just trade him. There will always be a team or 2 needing a QB or willing to make a desperate move for one (thats exactly what this move right here is). Teams would be much more likely to trade for Cousins versus Alex Smith, even if Cousins is getting 5+ million more a year.

Are there any possible scenarios where this move makes sense or benefits Washington? Well it is hard to say now, but every single sign points to no. Maybe the Redskins think their QB of the future is in this draft and needs a couple years of grooming. Or maybe they are planning on drafting 2 QB’s this year like they did with RG3 and Cousins years ago. Then let the rookies compete behind Smith for a year or 2 until one is ready to take over, if one ever even is. But still why pay Smith all of this money (96 million over 4 years) if you aren’t committing to him as the starter for his entire deal? Why sign Smith for 4 years? None of this makes sense. It looks as if Washington just decided to tank the next 4 years. Who knows, maybe that is big bucks Dan’s plan.

I tip my hat to you though KC. You just dumped off a mediocre QB that is about to exit his prime, picked up a quality young corner to improve your secondary and a third round pick, all while saving 15 million in cap room.

Published by Jackson Stoever

Recent Oklahoma State graduate who is a die-hard Suns fan.

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