Jimmy Garoppolo Gets Paid

The San Francisco 49ers have their man. It’s time to move past any memories of Colin Kaepernick or Blaine Gabbert. James Richard Garoppolo just became the highest paid player in NFL history.

Garoppolo’s 5 year extension is worth a whopping total of $137.5 million, just barely breaking Matthew Stafford’s 5 year, $135 million deal signed at the end of last summer. However, Jimmy G’s $74 million guaranteed is significantly more than Stafford’s $60.5 million.

But what does this really mean? For starters, 49ers’ GM John Lynch gives zero fucks. Lynch decided to pay a guy that has only played in 7 career games the most money the league has ever seen. Granted Garoppolo’s career couldn’t have started any better (7-0 record), it is still a twitter-breaking move on San Francisco’s part. After replacing C.J. Beathard as the starter and leading a weapon-lacking roster to 5 straight wins, the 49ers’ front office saw all they needed to justify this deal. The NFC West is now packed with 3 franchise QBs in Jimmy Garoppolo, Jared Goff, and Russell Wilson.

Looking to the future, Niners’ fans should be ecstatic. The franchise is looking to get back  to the Joe Montana/Steve Young days with their shiny new toy. The man so many call Jimmy GQ is handsome, charismatic, a winner, and most importantly, locked up for a while.


Published by Peter Mitchell

Oklahoma-raised, KC-based. I like covering NBA, NFL, and Fantasy Football, among other things.

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