Forward Thinking: Where will Kawhi Leonard play basketball next season?

The world may never know.

Summer 2018 is looming large upon the San Antonio Spurs organization. The future of the franchise is in limbo due to the current status of two-way superstar, Kawhi Leonard.

This season was a season full of false hope for Spurs’ fans. Their team leader played just 9 games while nursing a pesky quadriceps injury. Looking ahead, us NBA fans are all seeking the answer to the same question: Where will Kawhi Leonard play basketball next year?

After failing to report to all 5 of his teams first-round playoff games against the Golden State Warriors, many NBA insiders expect that Kawhi has played his final game in a Spurs uniform. A much smaller collective are still holding out hope that Gregg Popovich and Leonard can mend their relationship in a similar fashion as Popovich & LaMarcus Aldridge in the 2017-2018 season.

That being said, lets explore OddsSharks‘ highest odds landing spots for Kawhi and assume he will not be back in San Antonio next season.

Philadelphia 76ers: 

76ers receive: SF Kawhi Leonard

Spurs receive: CG Markelle Fultz, PF Dario Saric, SF Robert Covington, PG Jerryd Bayless, 2018 10th-overall pick

The most talked-about possibility is the Philadelphia 76ers. Philly has the assets to pull off a deal and Leonard would likely be excited about the possibility to play with two of the leagues future superstars. Embiid can handle the media while Kawhi sticks to being a silent assassin.

Los Angeles Clippers:

Clippers receive: SF Kawhi Leonard

Spurs receive: SF/PF Tobias Harris, 2018 12th-overall pick (via Pistons), 2018 13th-overall pick

The Ringer’s Bill Simmons has often predicted the Los Angeles Clippers as the most likely landing spot for Kawhi. The Spurs could pick up a capable starter to replace Kawhi while picking up two lottery picks in this year’s exciting draft. Should the Clips bring back Avery Bradley in free agency, a starting five of Patrick Beverley, Avery Bradley, Danilo Gallinari, Kawhi Leonard, and Deandre Jordan would likely win a lot of games in the Western Conference.

Los Angeles Lakers:

Lakers receive: SF Kawhi Leonard

Spurs receive: SF Brandon Ingram and/or SF Kyle Kuzma, multiple future first-round picks

The Lakers have young talent and cap space that could prove to be an attractive destination for the hometown hooper in Leonard. Paired with the cap room to bring in a second max contract, a trade of this sort is a very real possibility.



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