What to Expect Tomorrow Night at the NBA Draft

Is DeAndre Ayton still a lock to go 1?

As of right now, it appears so. Yesterday he signed a fan’s custom Phoenix jersey with his name on it, making my conspiracy theory that they aren’t set, or sold, on Ayton seem even a little bit less likely. I still think there is a chance they call a last minute audible and make a huge trade involving the first pick. Phoenix has to be chomping at the bit to get Doncic though. I could very easily see GM Ryan McDonough try to trade back to 3 or 4 and take Doncic or try and trade up for a second lottery pick after taking Ayton at 1.

Trades to expect:

Expect a team or 2 to move up or trade into the first round to get a guy they have their sights set on. This might be the most talented draft in a decade. Some teams have guys valued as mid-first rounders that other teams see as second round prospects. There is high quality talent all the way from the very first pick to the middle of the second round.

Remember the Jimmy Butler trade last year on draft night? Expect at least one blockbuster trade of that type tomorrow night. It could be anyone from Karl Anthony-Towns, to Kawhi Leonard, to DeMar DeRozan, or many more. Seemingly more star players than ever are on the trading block right now, probably due to teams willing to make massive moves to try and take down the Warriors.

What does Philadelphia do with their picks 5 picks?

The 76ers just traded one of their 6 picks (the 39th) to the Lakers for a 2019 2nd-rounder and cash earlier tonight, but this question still needs to be asked.

Tomorrow night the Sixers are very likely to make a trade to move up in the draft or acquire a player (or 2 they like from another team). If they stay put with all of their picks, expect Philly to acquire 3 or 4 sharp shooting guards. Guys like Mikal Bridges, Gary Trent Jr, Kevin Huerter, Shake Milton, and Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk are very likely on their board.

Where does Luka Doncic end up?

Doncic is the key to the draft right now. Every pick after Ayton and Bagley is hinging on where Doncic falls. Teams 3-6 are all probably focused on him and have him at the top of their board.

Right now, it is looking like if no trades are made, Atlanta lands the Real Madrid guard. They are focused on him at 3 but are rumored to be wanting to trade back. Dallas also has their sights set on Doncic at 5 and might even be willing to trade up for him.

No matter how the dominoes fall, Doncic will be off the board after the third pick.

Who’s climbing up draft boards?

Maryland SG/SF Kevin Huerter

  • Previously was seen as a second rounder, then looked like a lock to the Lakers, and now could very likely go in the mid-late teen’s.

Boston College SG Jerome Robinson

  • Robinson can score plain and simple. Similar to Huerter, weeks ago he was seen as a second rounder. Now Jerome Robinson could hear his name called as early as the end of the lottery. I think he will go in the late teen’s, but many think he is a late lottery pick.

PG Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

  • SGA is a guy I have been very high on for a while and still am. He could end up being one of the best players in the draft. He is long, athletic, has a solid shot, and can play great defense. He is capable of guarding 1-3 and maybe even some 4’s when he puts on some weight due to his 7-foot wingspan. Gilgeous-Alexander looked like he would go in the 12-16 range until a few days ago. Now many are claiming he will go before Trae Young. I don’t think that will happen, but I do think there is a very high chance that SGA is a top 10 pick.

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Recent Oklahoma State graduate who is a die-hard Suns fan.

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