Top 15 Free Agents at Each Position


15) JaVale McGee

  • Unrestricted free agent
  • Former Shaqtin’ a Fool MVP
  • To be honest, nobody cares if he stays, or where he goes

14) Marreese Speights

  • Unrestricted free agent
  • 75% chance he leaves Orlando
  • Most likely destination: Phoenix Suns

13) Channing Frye

  • Unrestricted free agent
  • 20% chance he returns to the Lakers
  • Most likely destination: Golden State Warriors

12) Kevon Looney

  • Unrestricted free agent
  • 30% chance he leaves the Warriors
  • Most likely destination: back with Golden State

11) Alex Len

  • Unrestricted free agent
  • 95% chance he leaves Phoenix
  • Most likely destination: whoever is the highest bidder (Indiana needs a back up center and could likely offer)

10) Aron Baynes

  • Unrestricted free agnet
  • 45% chance he leaves the Celtics
  • Most likely destination: staying in Boston

9) Kyle O’Quinn

  • Unrestricted free agent
  • 70% chance he leaves the Knicks
  • Most likely destination: Indiana Pacers or LA Clippers

8) Nerlens Noel

  • Unrestricted free agent
  • 95% chance he leaves Dallas
  • Most likely destination: Brooklyn Nets, or the highest bidder

7) Greg Monroe

  • Unrestricted free agent
  • 65% chance he leaves Boston
  • Most likely destination: Los Angeles Clippers

6) Brook Lopez

  • Unrestricted free agent
  • 99% chance he leaves the Lakers
  • Most likely destination: Milwaukee Bucks

6) Dwight Howard

  • Unrestricted free agent
  • 100% chance he leaves Brooklyn (he recently got traded there and then bought out)
  • Most likely destination: hopefully not your team

5) Enes Kanter

  • Player option
  • 30% chance he leaves New York
  • Most likely destination: opting in to final year in New York (too much money not to)

4) Jusuf Nurkic

  • Restricted free agent
  • 30% chance Portland doesn’t match whatever he is offered
  • Most likely destination: staying in Portland

3) DeAndre Jordan

  • Player option
  • 60% chance he opts out and leaves the Clippers
  • Most likely destination: LA Lakers, or maybe the Mavs

2) Clint Capela

  • Restricted free agent
  • 25% chance he leaves Houston
  • Most likely destination: staying put in Houston

1) DeMarcus Cousins

  • Unrestricted free agent
  • 85% chance he leaves New Orleans
  • Most likely destination: Dallas Mavericks

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