This year’s College World Series promised to be something it has always been known for; an 8-way battle between historic ball programs featuring the top prospects across  Division 1 teams. Along with this title came many let-downs and upsets, most featuring how top seeded teams quickly became a part of elimination games and straight out of the limelight.

A few teams made their way back to the series including: Oregon State, Texas Tech, and last year’s winner Florida. Florida had to be the biggest upset of the year after winning the SEC outright in back to back years and securing the number 1 overall seed.

Florida faced elimination games all throughout the tournament. They found themselves in a win-or-go-home scenario against the Auburn Tigers — a dark horse in the final games of the tournament. Had it not been for a fluke error in the Auburn outfield, the Gators would have completely missed the CWS. Unfortunately, they again struggled in the big series, losing their first game to Texas Tech. They then won back-to-back games and were eliminated by CWS finalists Arkansas.

Next, we have the fabled Texas Longhorns. Texas was carried in the tournament by a great bullpen and the hitting of star prospect Kody Clemens (son of Roger). The Longhorns made an impressive run after completing a great super regional win against Tennessee Tech in the supers. However, they fell short in the CWS, losing their first two to Arkansas and Florida.

Although not an upset, Mississippi State is always a competitive team playing for an SEC title every year. And again this year, they found themselves back in the series playing a competitive 4 game stretch — winning two and losing their last two to eventual champions Oregon State. Mississippi State, Florida, and Texas are 3 alike teams and great programs you can count on being back in the regionals next spring.

Published by Colton Mann

Oklahoma State University

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