The bigger dominoes have now fallen in free agency. LeBron, PG, Benedict Arnold, I mean Boogie* and many other big names have already made their decisions. There are still some quality players left on the board though.

Clint Capela, Marcus Smart, Jabari Parker and many more are still left without a deal. Carmelo Anthony is about to be bought out by the Thunder to become a free agent as well.

Following are the 15 best players that remain unsigned as of right now, along with the type of free agent they are, and the chance they stay with their current team.


15. Greg Monroe (Center)

  • Unrestricted free agent
  • Chance he re-signs with the celtics: 5%
  • His prime days are definitely behind him, but Monroe could still be a solid rotation guy on a lot of teams.

14. James Ennis (Small Forward)

  • Unrestricted free agent
  • Chance he re-signs with the Pistons: 60%
  • Ennis is a solid defender that could be a valuable addition to many teams. The Pistons can’t afford any free agents other than their own though, so expect them to bring him back unless he wants out of town.

13. Michael Beasley (Forward)

  • Unrestricted free agent
  • Chance he re-signs with the Knicks: 30%
  • Michael Beasley was on pace to be one of the biggest busts ever, but last season he appeared to be turning things around. He made it back to the league and stuck around on New York’s roster for the entire season. He had multiple 30 point games, averaged over 13 points per game, and shot 40% from 3 last season. He could be a great addition to a playoff team’s rotation if he continues to do the right things needed to revive his career.

12. Dirk Nowitzki (Power Forward)

  • Unrestricted free agent
  • Chance he re-signs with the Mavs: 99.9%
  • Dirk’s playing days are coming to a close. It would be an absoulte shock if didn’t he finish his career in Dallas.

11. Montrezl Harrell (Power Forward)

  • Restricted free agent
  • Chance he stays with the Clippers: 75%
  • The Clippers have very little bigs on their roster currently. They traded for Gortat and can play Gallinari or Harris at the 4, but that is about it. The Clippers will surely bring back a tough, young 4/5 that adds much needed depth to their frontcourt.

10. Shabazz Napier (Point Guard)

  • Restricted free agent
  • Chance he re-signs with Portland: 50%
  • Napier is a solid guard with a decent shot and handles. He’s still pretty young, and plenty of capable of running a second unit successfully.

9. Wayne Ellington (Shooting Guard)

  • Unrestricted free agent
  • Chance he re-signs with the Heat: 60%
  • Best 3 point shooter left on the market. Ellington has shot over 38% from beyond the arc on his career. If Miami doesn’t bring him back, expect a playoff team that needs another solid shooter or 2 to make a run at him.

8. Jamal Crawford (Shooting Guard)

  • Unrestricted free agent
  • Chance he re-signs with the Timberwolves: 15%
  • J Crossover is looking to join a contender and finally get a ring. He was reportedly in talks with the Warriors to start free agency, but no deal was agreed upon. Expect the Lakers, Rockets, and maybe even a team like the Thunder or Sixers to inquire about the former Sixth Man of the Year.

7. Dwyane Wade (Shooting Guard)

  • Unrestricted free agent
  • Chance he re-signs with Miami: 50%
  • Wade’s decision has to be between staying with the Heat and joining his buddy LeBron’s new look Lakers. The temptation to join back up with LeBron and make one last run at another ring must be significant. If Melo is wanting to go to LA, expect Wade to join him.

6. Rodney Hood (Shooting Guard/Small Forward)

  • Restricted free agent
  • Chance he remains with the Cavs: 50%
  • The second half of his season was beyond miserable, which makes it hard to imagine that Cleveland keeps him around. He couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn in the playoffs and seemed to have an attitude problems as well. Cleveland did trade for him though and he was great during the first half of the season. This may as well be a coin flip for if he stays or goes.

5. Isaiah Thomas (Point Guard)

  • Unrestricted free agent
  • Chance he re-signs with the Lakers: 1%
  • This could be the best backup point guard in the league and sixth man of the year (if 100% healthy). IT is rumored to not want that role though. He wants to be a starter like he was in Boston, and he wants decent money as well. That doesn’t leave many option though outside of Orlando right now. It is is buyer’s market this offseason and not a good time to sign a long term contract. So wherever IT4 ends up, expect it to be on a 1 year deal.

4. Jabari Parker (Forward)

  • Restricted free agent
  • Chance he re-signs with the Bucks: 70%
  • Milwaukee should match any offer Jabari receives, unless there is one that is so large the Bucks do not feel that he is worth it. He’s had a hard time staying healthy to say the least, so it would make sense for Milwaukee to be a little hesitant to shell out 15+ mil a year. A sign and trade would be a long shot here, but I wouldn’t rule it out.

3. Carmelo Anthony* (Small Forward)

  • Will soon be a free agent once he is bought out by the Thunder, hence the asterisk
  • Chance he remains with the Thunder: 0%
  • It is looking like Melo is going to end up signing with either the Lakers or the Rockets. He has never won a ring and is obviously nearing the end of his career. He is buddies with LeBron and Cp3 as well, so both of these moves would make sense. Philly and Miami are also two long shot teams who are rumored to have interest in the former star.

2. Marcus Smart (Point Guard)

  • Restricted free agent
  • Chance he re-signs with the Celtics: 55%
  • It is hard to imagine that the Celtics would let Marcus Smart walk. At the same time though, it is hard to imagine them shelling out much money to him. He is a guy who can be a little questionable off the court and they were great without last season. With Terry Rozier having a break-out season also, Smart could potentially be the number 3 PG on the team. He also has the option to accept his qualify offer that would keep in Boston for another year if he does not receive any solid offers from other teams.

1. Clint Capela (Center)

  • Restricted free agent
  • Chance he re-signs with the Rockets: 90%
  • There’s virtually no way the Rockets let Capela walk. They can match any offer he receives and have no reason not to. They’re already way over the cap and going to be paying hundreds of millions in taxes anyway. Expect Houston to act similarly to the way the Bulls did in the LaVine deal. They aren’t going to be offering him a huge deal, instead they will patiently wait and match whatever the biggest offer he receives is. If he does not receive any significant offers due to the limited cap space teams have, the 7 footer will probably accept Houston’s qualifying offer (remain with the Rockets for one season then become an unrestricted free agent).

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