Last June, Atlanta Braves groundskeeper Nigel Talton came onto the scene as “The Freeze.” The Freeze is a promotional and in-game entertainment event where Talton races fans from foul pole-to-foul pole, with the fans getting a head start as the catch.

How did this gain so much popularity, you ask?

Well, primarily because The Freeze went unbeaten for a LONG time. The Freeze swept the Internet with a clip of a fan raising his hands in victory right before he crossed the finish line. However, The Freeze blew by him, and the fan face planted when realizing he blew his lead in the final 15 feet.

Expectedly, The Freeze drew many more challengers throughout the rest of the 2017 season and first couple months of the 2018 season. After enjoying so much foul pole-to-foul pole success, Talton eventually stepped down in order to accomplish something even greater.

Now, just who is The Freeze? And how exactly did he obtain such a skill for sprinting?

Nigel Talton was a track-and-field standout from Peach County High School in Fort Valley, Georgia. He specialized as a sprinter and went on to further his academic and athletic career at Iowa Wesleyan. There, Talton broke numerous records, while eventually transferring to Shorter University (a NAIA program).

At Shorter, he was a 5x All-American and a 4x National Champion, while competing in indoor and outdoor events. In 2010, Talton competed in the USA Outdoor Junior Nationals where he placed 17th overall in the 100 meter dash. In 2013, Talton competed in the USA Indoor Nationals, recording an impressive 8th-placed finish in the 60 meter dash.

Nigel Talton is still pursuing his dream and currently residing in Las Vegas. He is training in hopes to make a comeback and qualify for the 2020 Olympic games.

Published by Colton Mann

Oklahoma State University

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