Let me start by saying obviously all of the following rankings are PPR. You cavemen that still think non-PPR is the way to go need to get with this decade and snap out of it. Look at it this way, you’re like an 87 year old with dentures, bad asthma, and lungs that are ready to quit on you and you’re still smoking a pack a day of cowboy killers or menthols. Ditch the cigs, stop living in the 90’s, and do your lungs a favor by getting a nice fancy Juul like the kids use these days. That is how I see PPR versus non-PPR just for future reference.

Now, enough small talk. Let’s get to the good stuff.

Top 200 Overall Big Board

  1. Le’Veon Bell (RB, Steelers)
  2. Todd Gurley (RB, Rams)
  3. Antonio Brown (WR, Steelers)
  4. Ezekiel Elliot (RB, Cowboys)
  5. David Johnson (RB, Cardinals)
  6. Alvin Kamara (RB, Saints)
  7. DeAndre Hopkins (WR, Texans)
  8. Odell Beckham Jr. (WR, Giants)
  9. Kareem Hunt (RB, Chiefs)
  10. Julio Jones (WR, Falcons)
  11. Melvin Gordon (RB, Chargers)
  12. Dalvin Cook (RB, Vikings)
  13. AJ Green (WR, Bengals)
  14. Saquon Barkley (RB, Giants)
  15. Michael Thomas (WR, Saints)
  16. Christian McCaffrey (RB, Panthers)
  17. Davante Adams (WR, Packers)
  18. Leonard Fournette (RB, Jaguars)
  19. Keenan Allen (WR, Chargers)
  20. Rob Gronkowski (TE, Patriots)
  21. Mike Evans (WR, Buccaneers)
  22. LeSean McCoy (RB, Bills)
  23. T.Y. Hilton (WR, Colts)
  24. Jordan Howard (RB, Bears)
  25. Stefon Diggs (WR, Vikings)
  26. Doug Baldwin (WR, Seahawks)
  27. Devonta Freeman (RB, Falcons)
  28. Travis Kelce (TE, Chiefs)
  29. Adam Thielen (WR, Vikings)
  30. Tyreek Hill (WR, Chiefs)
  31. Demaryius Thomas (WR, Broncos)
  32. Derrick Henry (RB, Titans)
  33. Zach Ertz (TE, Eagles)
  34. Jerick McKinnon (RB, 49ers)
  35. Larry Fitzgerald (WR, Cardinals)
  36. Alshon Jeffrey (WR, Eagles)
  37. Jay Ajayi (RB, Eagles)
  38. Jarvis Landry (WR, Browns)
  39. Aaron Rodgers (QB, Packers)
  40. Amari Cooper (WR, Raiders)
  41. Juju Smith-Schuster (WR, Steelers)
  42. Deshaun Watson (QB, Texans)
  43. Golden Tate (WR, Lions)
  44. Kenyan Drake (RB, Dolphins)
  45. Josh Gordon (WR, Browns)
  46. Rashaad Penny (RB, Seahawks)
  47. Russell Wilson (QB, Seahawks)
  48. Brandin Cooks (WR, Rams)
  49. Joe Mixon (RB, Bengals)
  50. Emmanuel Sanders (WR, Broncos)
  51. Carson Wentz (QB, Eagles)
  52. Pierre Garcon (WR, 49ers)
  53. Tom Brady (QB, Patriots)
  54. Evan Engram (TE, Giants)
  55. Sony Michel (RB, Patriots)
  56. Marshawn Lynch (RB, Raiders)
  57. Will Fuller V (WR, Texans)
  58. Sammy Watkins (WR, Chiefs)
  59. Kerryon Johnson (RB, Lions)
  60. Randall Cobb (WR, Packers)
  61. Devin Funchess (WR, Panthers)
  62. Royce Freeman (RB, Broncos)
  63. Jordy Nelson (WR, Raiders)
  64. Jimmy Graham (TE, Packers)
  65. Greg Olsen (TE, Panthers)
  66. Chris Thompson (RB, Redskins)
  67. Julian Edelman* (WR, Patriots, suspended first 4 games)
  68. Alex Collins (RB, Ravens)
  69. Dion Lewis (RB, Titans)
  70. Ronald Jones II (RB, Buccaneers)
  71. Mark Ingram* (RB, Saints, suspended first 4 games)
  72. Allen Robinson (WR, Bears)
  73. Andrew Luck (QB, Colts)
  74. Rex Burkhead (RB, Patriots)
  75. Corey Davis (WR, Titans)
  76. Cam Newton (QB, Panthers)
  77. Michael Crabtree (WR, Ravens)
  78. Marvin Jones Jr. (WR, Lions)
  79. Marquise Goodwin (WR, 49ers)
  80. Kyle Rudolph (TE, Vikings)
  81. D’onta Foreman (RB, Texans)
  82. Carlos Hyde (RB, Browns)
  83. Lamar Miller (RB, Texans)
  84. Delanie Walker (TE, Titans)
  85. Eric Decker (WR, Patriots)
  86. Cooper Kupp (WR, Rams)
  87. Josh Doctson (WR, Redskins)
  88. Ty Montgomery (RB, Packers)
  89. Tarik Cohen (RB, Bears)
  90. Jordan Reed (TE, Redskins)
  91. Kirk Cousins (QB, Vikings)
  92. Nelson Agholor (WR, Eagles)
  93. DeVante Parker (WR, Dolphins)
  94. Sterling Shepard (WR, Giants)
  95. Ben Roethlisberger (QB, Steelers)
  96. Tevin Coleman (RB, Falcons)
  97. Chris Carson (RB, Seahawks)
  98. Jack Doyle (TE, Colts)
  99. D.J. Moore (WR, Panthers)
  100. Marlon Mack (RB, Colts)
  101. Kelvin Benjamin (WR, Bills)
  102. Jimmy Garoppolo (QB, 49ers)
  103. Jamaal Williams (RB, Packers)
  104. Chris Hogan (WR, Patriots)
  105. Jamison Crowder (WR, Redskins)
  106. David Njoku (TE, Browns)
  107. Matthew Stafford (QB, Lions)
  108. Robert Woods (WR, Rams)
  109. Duke Johnson Jr. (RB, Browns)
  110. Drew Brees (QB, Saints)
  111. Robby Anderson (WR, Jets)
  112. DeSean Jackson (WR, Buccaneers)
  113. James White (RB, Patriots)
  114. Trey Burton (TE, Bears)
  115. Christian Kirk (WR, Cardinals)
  116. Los Angeles Rams D/ST
  117. Nick Chubb (RB, Browns)
  118. Tyler Lockett (WR, Seahawks)
  119. Theo Riddick (RB, Lions)
  120. Jacksonville Jaguars D/ST
  121. Danny Amendola (WR, Dolphins)
  122. Patrick Mahomes (QB. Chiefs)
  123. Martavis Bryant (WR, Raiders)
  124. C.J. Anderson (RB, Panthers)
  125. Kenny Golladay (WR, Lions)
  126. Austin Seferian-Jenkins (TE, Jaguars)
  127. Los Angeles Chargers D/ST
  128. Phillip Rivers (QB, Chargers)
  129. Giovani Bernard (RB, Bengals)
  130. Matt Ryan (QB, Falcons)
  131. Minnesota Vikings D/ST
  132. Derek Carr (QB, Raiders)
  133. Kenny Stills (WR, Dolphins)
  134. George Kittle (TE, 49ers)
  135. Allen Hurns (WR, Cowboys)
  136. Devontae Booker (RB, Broncos)
  137. Jared Goff (QB, Rams)
  138. Philadelphia Eagles D/ST
  139. Isaiah Crowell (RB, Jets)
  140. Denver Broncos D/ST
  141. Mike Williams (WR, Chargers)
  142. Samaje Perine (RB, Redskins)
  143. Jeremy Hill (RB, Patriots)
  144. Cameron Meredith (WR, Saints)
  145. Bilal Powell (RB, Jets)
  146. Dede Westbrook (WR, Jaguars)
  147. Mohamed Sanu (WR, Falcons)
  148. Benjamin Watson (TE, Saints)
  149. O.J. Howard (TE, Buccaneers)
  150. LeGarrette Blount (RB, Lions)
  151. Marqise Lee (WR, Jaguars)
  152. Eric Ebron (TE, Colts)
  153. Baltimore Ravens D/ST
  154. Cameron Brate (TE, Buccaneers)
  155. Jonathan Stewart (RB, Giants)
  156. Calvin Ridley (WR, Falcons)
  157. Austin Hooper (TE, Falcons)
  158. Anthony Miller (WR, Bears)
  159. Dez Bryant (WR, Free Agent)
  160. Jordan Wilkins (RB, Colts)
  161. Houston Texans D/ST
  162. Rishard Matthews (WR, Titans)
  163. Case Keenum (QB, Broncos)
  164. Doug Martin (RB, Raiders)
  165. Marcus Mariota (QB, Titans)
  166. Rob Kelley (RB, Redskins)
  167. Robert Turbin (RB, Colts)
  168. New England Patriots D/ST
  169. Keelan Cole (WR, Jaguars)
  170. New Orleans Saints D/ST
  171. Corey Clement (RB, Eagles)
  172. Charles Clay (TE, Bills)
  173. Tyler Eifert (TE, Bengals)
  174. Ted Ginn Jr. (WR, Saints)
  175. Cole Beasley (WR, Cowboys)
  176. Donte Moncrief (WR, Jags)
  177. Kalen Ballage (RB, Dolphins)
  178. John Brown (WR, Ravens)
  179. Jared Cook (TE, Raiders)
  180. Washington Redskins D/ST
  181. Darren Sproles (RB, Eagles)
  182. James Washington (WR, Steelers)
  183. Courtland Sutton (WR, Broncos)
  184. Carolina Panthers D/ST
  185. Eli Manning (QB, Giants)
  186. Tennessee Titans D/ST
  187. Alfred Morris (RB, 49ers)
  188. Harden Hurst (TE, Ravens)
  189. Alex Smith (QB, Redskins)
  190. Kansas City Chiefs D/ST
  191. Blake Bortles (QB, Jaguars)
  192. Tyrod Taylor (QB, Browns)
  193. John Ross (WR, Bengals)
  194. Greg Zuerlein (K, Rams)
  195. Mike Gesicki (TE, Dolphins)
  196. Stephen Gostkowski (K, Patriots)
  197. Justin Tucker (K, Ravens)
  198. Paul Richardson (WR, Redskins)
  199. Jake Elliot (K, Eagles)
  200. Chris Boswell (K, Steelers)

On the following pages are rankings by each position. There is also some additional commentary and notes regarding how I feel about various players and positions.


Keith Allison, Antonio Brown, Ben Roethlisberger 2016CC BY-SA 2.0

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