Matchday 8 has just ended and the English Premier League is well underway. Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea are leading the pack and all look very strong so far this season.

With that being said, what players have made a bright start to this year’s season? Here are a few players who I believe have been important for their team so far.

Eden Hazard: Well, no sh*t Sherlock…He’s the current top goalscorer and his team are joint first in the table. Hazard has continued his electrifying form from last year’s season into this year too. He’s fun and exciting to watch, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he got snatched up by a Barcelona or Real Madrid. (7 goals, 3 assists)

Aleksandar Mitrovic: Cool, someone who isn’t your typical star man. Mitrovic is doing everything in his power to help Fulham but the results just won’t fall for the newly promoted side. 5 goals for the young Serbian and he’s looking like a player with a big money move in his future.

Sergio Agüero: Another no brainer. We’re seeing a lot of the stars of the premier league making good starts to this season, and Agüero is one of them. He’s already scored 5 goals and has a couple of assists too.

Harry Kane: You ever need an absolute gimme this year to win you some money? Bet your entire savings that Kane will be top scorer by the end of the year. 5 goals this season and I doubt he’ll stop scoring.

Glenn Murray: Another lad who you wouldn’t have thought would be amongst these names. Brighton are basically a team like West Ham, Bournemouth, Burnley etc. who literally don’t do anything entertaining *sorry if this offends you* for the EPL except win some games every now and then against big teams lol. Well, regardless, Glenn Murray has been providing some entertainment (5 goals) for his team by helping them get some good results so far.

*Seeing a theme here? Yeah I’ve literally been going down the topscorer leaderboard. I mean, I’m sure I could have made up some sort of explanation, but I was just being lazy… Okay well last one*

Marko Arnautovic: Similar to Mitrovic, Arnautovic has been putting them away for his side, but not getting the results, especially the Hammer’s terrible start to the season. If you play fantasy, you should highly consider purchasing him since he’s pretty cheap and gets some good points. (4 goals, 1 assist)

There are obviously other players who are playing very well this year who haven’t scored, so below are some names I think need mentioning:

Marcos Alonso (CHE), Raheem Sterling (MAN C), Sadio Mané (LIV), Mohamed Salah (LIV), Alexandre Lacazette (ARS), Harry Maguire (LEI), Matt Doherty (WOL), Pierre-Eric Aubameyang, Benjamin Mendy (MAN C), Callum Wilson and Kieran Trippier (TOT) to name a few.

Who do you think has started the EPL season strongly? Comment below!


Aleksandr Osipov from Ukraine, Eden Hazard – Эден Азар (22326199726), Cropped by Editor, CC BY-SA 2.0

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