So, I joined this blog to write about “soccer” but to be quite frank, there’s nothing interesting going on right now so I’d like to write about my thoughts on “football”. More specifically about the Kansas City Chiefs and the battle they’ll soon have with the Los Angeles Rams.

Let me give you some background information first – I’m a Chiefs fan. A British Chiefs fan. I grew up in England where all we give a shit about is soccer, and every kid growing up has a ball at their feet, myself included. My family friends from Kansas City would kindly send a mixture of Kansas basketball, Chiefs, and Royals gifts (which automatically made me a fan of all those teams), and with the exception of basketball, I still had never really gained a strong interest in them. I only had a basic understanding of American football when I came across the Pond, and all I knew was that KU football was non-existent compared to the basketball program and the Chiefs were, well, okayish from what I gathered. But Hey! (please skip to the next paragraph if you’re a fan of baseball) You can bet your bottom dollar that I joined in on the fun when the Royals won the World Series back in 2015. All that partying and glory STILL couldn’t make me even slightly like baseball. It’s just so boring. Like Sportscenter will show me a video highlight  every.    single.    day.        of someone making a diving catch as if I’ve never seen one before? I’ve made a diving catch before. With heavier, harder balls. Without wearing mittens… It’s called cricket. (I’m kidding, cricket is just as boring)


Since coming to the States I’ve learnt not just to like, but to love football. My ideal Sunday includes waking up early (depending on how hungover I am) to catch the soccer games from the U.K., and then post up on the couch with my friends to kickstart Redzone. I’m second in our house fantasy league behind Fan Fuel’s very own Peter Mitchell, and I’d like to think I’m now quite versed with the sport. Tailgating at Arrowhead with friends and family is so much fun, and adds not only to the sport’s culture, but to the American culture in general.

With all that being said, I love watching the Chiefs play football right now. I respect most, if not all, professional athletes, but Alex Smith was really boring… like watching baseball or cricket. It was only until the end of last season I learned of Patrick Mahomes’ name, and the first thing I’d heard about him was when he was the quarterback for the University of Texas Tech. Apparently, when playing KU (which I’ve heard from multiple sources), Mahomes threw a football underarm 50+ yards straight to a manager or coach or someone on the field. After, he looks former KU head coach Charlie Weis in the eyes and yells: “I’m too cold for this shit”. Even though it was against Kansas, that’s just cool as hell. Seriously, I can only dream of being that cocky at a sport knowing I’m “too cold for this shit” (Mahomes, Patrick, Texas Tech vs. KU, NCAA Football, 2014). But it’s not just Mahomes’ arm and youth that’s making this team exciting. A combination of Tyreek Hill, Kareem Hunt, Travis Kelce and defensively Justin Houston, has personally made me an even bigger fan. Highlight reels of Tyreek’s speed and Kareem’s agility alone can entertain you for hours.

Now getting to the Rams. If I’m not watching the Chiefs, I’m watching LA. Jared Goff, Todd Gurley II, and Brandin Cooks provide a lot of entertainment and fantasy points for viewers . This matchup with the Chiefs will be an El Clásico. (For those who aren’t familiar, the soccer match between soccer giants FC Barcelona and Real Madrid is known as the El Clásico. The offence on both teams is astonishing. The offensive three of Mahomes/Goff, Hunt/Gurley and Hill/Cooks can be compared (to an extent, to a very big extent) in soccer as Messi/Ronaldo, Suarez/Benzema and Coutinho/Bale.) What I was disappointed with though was the game being moved back to LA since the Azteca couldn’t hold the game in Mexico City. Let me tell you from personal experiences though, atmosphere’s in foreign countries are out of this bloody world. Seriously, next time you’re bored just google Borussia Dortmund’s fans in Germany and Turkish soccer fans in general, they’re literally insane. One last thing to add about this game was that it was supposed to be played in neutral territory, since LA kindly gave up their home game to play in Mexico. If played in a neutral spot, this game would be like a midseason Superbowl given both team’s talent, form and overall record. LA obviously now has the advantage and will be favoured to win, but I’m sure the Chiefs will enjoy being the underdogs and villains in Inglewood.

Vegas has the o/u at 63.5, the highest in NFL history so I’m the most excited I’ve ever been to watch a football game. The Chiefs will of course win to go 10-1 but I’m sure the Rams will play a good game…

Okay, thanks for reading. Cheers.

Published by Jordan Nicoll

A fútbol and movie fanatic Englishman living in the United States

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