Well shit. No basketball, no European football, no American football, no hockey, and even the U.S Open just finished (Rock Chalk, Gary Woodland)…

It’s the worst possible time of year to be a sports fan. We just recently saw the Toronto Raptors and St. Louis Blues prevail in their respected sports, but what do we do now all that’s over?

Yes, I’m aware that baseball is being played, and no, I don’t really care to watch (sorry… I’m English and still coming around as a fan of the sport). The FIFA Women’s World Cup is under way if you’re looking to get a fix of competition, but if you did want to watch that, you’d have to combat the awful time difference. However, it has been an entertaining tournament. The USWNT won a game 13-0 which was extraordinary, and by the way, more goals than the men’s team has managed in the past 4 World Cups…

So with that being said, and since there isn’t a whole lot going on right now, below are a few things I am personally excited for this year.


Naturally, I have to first say the English Premier League. Manchester City will look to defend their domestic treble, and every other club will look to dethrone them. Having this year’s Champion’s League & Europa League finals filled with English teams could be an indication of a fun and competitive season to come. The league may have lost a star in Eden Hazard, but I’m sure other big name stars will make their way to my motherland.

NBA Trades & the NBA Draft

I feel like I’m back in high school with the gossiping and rumors that surround the NBA. The Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron had to give up a lot to get their man Anthony Davis. Will Kawhi stay in Toronto? KD & Kyrie off to Brooklyn? Who in the bloody hell wants Jimmy Butler at this point? T-wolves finally cutting loose from Andrew Wiggins? Maybe James Harden did blow up CP3’s microwave…

The draft ws on Thursday and if you’re a New Orleans fan, prepare for an exciting summer and season. Zion, Jaxson Hayes, and Nickeil Alexander-Walker make a solid draft class… The Pelicans may have given up an MVP calibre player in Anthony Davis, but I think that they were compensated well for a player who didn’t want to be in the organisation. Pelicans GM David Griffin had zero leverage and managed to pull off a helluva deal.

So yeah, the NBA. Many rumors. So much drama. You’ve gotta love it.

Cleveland Browns

Everyone is obviously counting down the days until the NFL and Redzone bless us with their presence again. With the exception of last year’s big 4 in the Chiefs, Rams, Saints and Patriots, Cleveland look to be a very exciting team to watch next season. Baker’s and Nick Chubb’s exceptional years, alongside the acquisitions of OBJ and a controversial Kareem Hunt, could prove to be a recipe for success. It’s mad to think that it’s only been around 2 years since the Brown’s infamous 0-16 season.


What are you excited about this year? Share in the comments below!

Published by Jordan Nicoll

A fútbol and movie fanatic Englishman living in the United States

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