If July was not known for the Fourth, it would be known for being the most boring month in sports by far. We’ve now hit the point where free agency has died down, Summer League is done, Wimbledon is over, the Homerun Derby has passed, and there is just nothing going on for a while. Thankfully we do have the Open Championship this weekend, but after that, there is not much to look forward other than one thing. And that one thing is quite a big thing…

We are just 16 days away from the skin of pigs flying through the air once again. The NFL Preseason Hall of Fame Game between the Denver Broncos and Atlanta Falcons is on August 1st. College football ensues weeks later with the first kickoff occurring at 7 pm ET on Saturday, August 24. The first game that night is Miami vs Florida, so we get to start off strong with a solid matchup.

In the following weeks, as both college and NFL football get closer, it is going to be time to lock in your future bets for the season. Today we start with National Champion CFB futures, and as the season gets closer I’ll have more articles to come. Stayed tuned, and without further ado, here are my picks.

National Champions

  • Georgia Bulldogs +700 (7/1)

  • Ohio State Buckeyes +1000 (10/1)

  • Michigan Wolverines +1250 (12.5/1)

  • Oregon Ducks +2000 (20/1)

  • LSU Tigers +2800 (28/1)

  • Notre Dame Fighting Irish +6000 (60/1)

The team above that I feel best about is Michigan, without a doubt. I like Shea Patterson to take a huge step forward and lead Michigan to a much more successful season than last. Justin Fields for Ohio State is going to be a real X factor for the Buckeyes. They will go as far as he will take them. I like whoever wins the Big 10 to win the Playoff this season.

Alabama and Clemson are both currently under +250 according to 5dimes. Those odds are so low that I can’t endorse either of those bets. I think they are obvious favorites, but with such a massive field and a playoff, neither of those bets are worth it to me. Yes, Lawrence and Tua are back and those two teams have been top 10 fixtures for years, but anything (including injuries) can happen. The only way for those bets to be worth it, is if you bet thousands on one or both teams, banking on them winning. I strongly advise against that strategy though, and I cannot stress that enough. If you really do not like any team other than Bama or Clemson to go all the way, then I would suggest staying away from National Championship future bets this season.

Oklahoma is another team I advise staying away from here. Their run as QB University is going to come to an end this season. Hurts does not have anywhere near the talent Baker and Kyler did during their time at OU. They both also had to sit, and had years to learn the system before starting. OU has won in the Big 12 and sustained success by averaging well over 40 points a game in every season since 2015. That streak is going to come to an end this season. Their defense can’t get any worse, but that offense is likely to take a step back with Hurts, unless Rattler (the stud freshman they have) takes his job early in the season and is as special as all my OU friends swear he is. The Sooners will still probably win 9+ games and probably still win the Big 12, but I think they lose at least two games and miss out on the playoff.

Published by Jackson Stoever

Recent Oklahoma State graduate who is a die-hard Suns fan.

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  1. Thanks for the predictions and news. I am going to get a good education this season. Keep it coming.


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