It is getting closer and closer. Time to start getting excited people. Fantasy season is almost upon us. It is never too early to start prepping for success in your leagues. Mock drafts are a great way to do some research and preparation on the fly. Nothing gets you more prepared for a draft than drafting. Kinda crazy how that works. As you begin to formulate your big board and start participating in mock drafts, be sure to keep these QB rankings in mind. I also break down the QB’s into tiers (in terms of fantasy obviously), just because why not.

Tier 1

1) Patty Mahomes

2) Aaron Rodgers

3) Andrew Luck

Tier 2

4) Deshaun Watson

5) Baker Mayfield

6) Drew Brees

7) Phillip Rivers

8) Russell Wilson

9) Matt Ryan

10) Carson Wentz

11) Jared Goff

12) Tom Brady

13) Mitch Trubisky

14) Cam Newton

Tier 3

15) Kyler Murray

16) Big Ben

17) Matt Stafford

18) Kirk’s Cousin

19) Nick Foles

20) Dwayne Haskins (if he starts obviously)

Tier 4

21) Dak Prescott

22) Derek Carr

23) Jameis Winston

24) Andy Dalton

25) Lamar Jackson

Tier 5

26) Marcus Mariota

27) Josh Allen

28) Sam Darnold

29) Eli Manning

30) Joe Flacco


For further analysis, check out our latest episode of the ATM Podcast. Peter and I break down our Top 10 Fantasy QB’s in depth.







Published by Jackson Stoever

Recent Oklahoma State graduate who is a die-hard Suns fan.

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