In this piece I will outline the best players to pick up off the waiver this week. I’ll give my top 5 players to pick up at QB, RB, WR, and TE, along with what percentage of ESPN fantasy leagues the players are available in.

One tip of advice, just because you like your team does not mean you should neglect to make any waiver wire moves. Hit the waiver wire every single week. There are always places you can upgrade your team, and just because you might not want to pick a guy up, that doesn’t mean somebody else isn’t very interested in him. For example, you might not want to pick up Malcolm Brown, but I guarantee the owner of Todd Gurley wants to pick him up. So in conclusion, if you were to snag Brown, that is trade leverage/bait for the owner of Todd Gurley. Just some food for thought.


  1. Matt Stafford
    • Available in 84% of leagues
  2. Phillip Rivers
    • Available in 34% of leagues
  3. Andy Dalton
    • Available in 96% of leagues
  4. Josh Allen
    • Available in 80% of leagues
  5. Gardner Minshew
    • Available in 100% of leagues

Running Backs

  1. Ronald Jones
    • Available in 59% of leagues
  2. Malcolm Brown
    • Available in 94% of leagues
  3. Chris Thompson
    • Available in 81% of leagues
  4. Carlos Hyde
    • Available in 61% of leagues
  5. Rex Burkhead
    • Available in 98% of leagues

Wide Receivers

  1. Jamison Crowder
    • Available in 30% of leagues
  2. Tyrell Williams
    • Available in 37% of leagues
  3. DeSean Jackson
    • Available in 29% of leagues
  4. John Ross III
    • Available in 95% of leagues
  5. Hollywood Brown
    • Available in 72% of leagues

Honorable mentions: Danny Amendola (available in 97%) and DK Metcalf (available in 36%)

Tight Ends

  1. TJ Hockenson
    • Available in 80% of leagues
  2. Jimmy Graham
    • Available in 52% of leagues
  3. Mark Andrews
    • Available in 49% of leagues
  4. Darren Waller
    • Available in 73% of leagues
  5. Jason Witten
    • Available in 85% of leagues


If interested in more Fantasy Football or NFL insights, predictions, and analysis, check out the ATM Podcast.

Published by Jackson Stoever

Recent Oklahoma State graduate who is a die-hard Suns fan.

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