Derrick Rose has been one of the latest players to find himself in the middle of swirling trade rumors. It was recently reported by many sources that the Lakers and 76ers have interest in Rose and could potentially make a move to try and acquire the former MVP.

I’m all for D Rose going to a contender and getting back in the playoffs, but in some scenarios it might be a little tricky getting a deal done. Right now it is pretty difficult to determine Rose’s trade value. When you look at his numbers, he’s putting up over 18 points and nearly 6 assists a game, while shooting 50% from the floor, and only playing 26 minutes on average. He also has a +/- per game that is +1.4, meaning he is helping the Pistons win, a lot. The numbers that Rose is putting up this season are right on par with the numbers he posted his MVP season on a per-possession basis. Essentially saying, if he was playing the same number of minutes as his MVP season, most of his numbers would hypothetically be almost identical.

Now, I am no idiot and realize that Rose is nowhere close to the player he was when he won a MVP. Obviously you lose a lot of bounce and your first step slows quite significantly after  you endure the insane amount of unfortunate injuries that Rose did. He has found a way to reinvent himself though, and still displays the wicked handles and clutch shots that were such a big part of what made everyone fall in love with the Chicago kid.

Rose will be a Sixth Man of the Year finalist without a doubt and is ready to help a team make a playoff push. The question is simply this, how much will Detroit demand in return for the 31 year old rejuvenated star who has this season and next left on his contract?

The Pistons will obviously be after young players and draft picks that they can build around going forward, which will make it relatively tough for a contender like Philly and especially tough for an asset-depleted team like the Lakers to provide too tempting of offers.

Some of these trade ideas are very realistic, while others are out of left field. In other words, yes I realize a couple of these have little to no chance of actually happening, but we are coming off a summer where eight of the players who made the All-Star team either left in free agency or were traded away. So in other words, don’t be afraid to use your imagination. Crazier things have happened.

Without further ado, here are my potential trades for Derrick Rose:


Send: Kyle Kuzma and Boogie Cousins

Receive: Derrick Rose and two second round picks

This trade would allow the Pistons to flip Rose for a solid piece they could build around moving forward in Kuzma. It would also allow the Lakers to acquire a piece that is a better fit for their team right now, and is also a hungry vet who will be good in the locker room.

Boogie is on a one year deal and likely not coming back this season. He’s just in this trade to make the salaries even out.


I anticipate that if Philly makes an initial offer for Rose it will look something like:

Send: Furkan Korkmaz, Mike Scott and a future first

Receive: Derrick Rose

I would expect the Pistons to decline this offer and counter with package including Zhaire Smith (20 year-old former lottery pick with a ton of potential) that looks something along the lines of:

Send: Zhaire Smith and Jonah Bolden

Receive: Derrick Rose

Smith is by far the best young asset on the 76ers that is not a major contributor and Bolden’s contract makes the salaries match up.

Philly would gain a great playmaker off the bench, which they are drastically missing. Smith is a solid asset the Pistons can build around going forward with Doumbouya and others. I’m sure Elton Brand would not be happy to see Zhaire go, but this trade would be so hard to turn simply because Smith is not contributing at all this year and they drastically need another scorer if they want to be back in the Eastern Conference Finals with hopes of winning a ring.


Send: Kris Dunn, Chandler Hutchison, second round pick (or two)

Receive: Derrick Rose

A Derrick Rose return home would make for quite the storybook trade here, but does it make much sense?

I guess the Bulls have a decent shot at the 8 seed and might figure what the hell. Kris Dunn (lottery pick in 2016) has not really panned out for Chicago and is currently on the final year of his deal. Hutchison, the 22nd pick in the 2018 draft, is presumed to have more potential than Dunn, but he is not going to help Chicago make the playoffs this year.

I have no idea if this haul from the Bulls would be enough for the Pistons to return Rose home, but I suppose it might worth a shot if you are the Bulls. At the very least it would please the fans and help sell a lot more tickets and jerseys.


Send: Spencer Dinwiddie

Receive: Luke Kennard, Derrick Rose, package of second round picks (or a first)

This hypothetical trade is the one that intrigues me the most. The Nets could very well not be on board with this, but I think they should be. Dinwiddie’s numbers are going to decline exponentially when Kyrie, LeVert, and KD are all healthy.

The way I see it, Dinwiddie’s trade value right now is higher than it ever will be. I also think Rose would be a better fit off the bench. Dinwiddie has tasted success and this stretch of huge numbers he has put up with all the other primary scorers on the Nets out could have a little bit of Jaylen Brown/Terry Rozier/Jayson Tatum and Kyle Kuzma effect on him and the team.

Adding Rose and Kennard would be a push or even minor upgrade personnel-wise. These two guys are instant offense off the bench and know their roles. Rose is a seasoned vet with playoff experience and Kennard is a young guy with an absolute strap and solid handles. Throw in a couple second round picks or maybe a first and Brooklyn would surely have to pull the trigger.

This would also give Dinwiddie a chance to return to Detroit, carry the team, be one of the building blocks going forward (maybe even face of the franchise), and show the Pistons that they never should have let him go and given him a chance.

3 teamer (Pistons, Warriors, Lakers)

Buckle your seat belts for this one because this is where things start to get weird in the best way possible.

Pistons get: Kevon Looney, Jacob Evans, Quinn Cook, first round pick from warriors (this year)

Warriors get: Derrick Rose, Kyle Kuzma

Lakers get: Alec Burks, Markieff Morris, Glenn Robinson III

This trade would give the Lakers three guys who can help them win right now. All of these guys also have playoff experience and won’t require lots of shots to be effective like Kuzma often does.

The Pistons get to acquire three young players who can be nice pieces moving forward. They would also acquire a first round pick, which looks to be lottery bound with great odds, from the Warriors.

This move for the Warriors would be incredibly bold, but think about it. They are roughly 10 wins out of the 8 seed, which is a lot, but I have faith that a lineup featuring DLo, Rose, Kuzma, Draymond, and Eric Paschall could win some games. Steve Kerr could very possibly go on a run with this hypothetical team and go somewhere around 15-5 over the next month or so and then bring Steph and Klay back to make their best push at the final playoff spot. They would likely have to get darn near 40 wins, but one thing the last decade has taught me is never count Steve Kerr and the Warriors out.

If somehow Golden State managed to make the playoffs as the 8 seed, nobody would be safe. And even if they didn’t make the playoffs, going into next season with a core of Steph, Klay, Draymond, Kuzma, Rose, and DLo all under contract would not be too bad at all. DLo’s deal is long-term and of great value, so they could always move him in the summer too. I don’t see why the Warriors wouldn’t pull the trigger here if given the chance. At the very least you upgrade your roster and build solid momentum/hype going into next season.

Published by Jackson Stoever

Recent Oklahoma State graduate who is a die-hard Suns fan.

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