This is a short, spoiler free reaction to “Bad Boys For Life.”

I’ll admit that I was a doubter, but c’mon now, I don’t think any of us expected “Bad Boys For Life” would’ve had the box office success that it has so far, nor did we think that it was going to turn out as great as it did. It’s action packed and pretty violent (nice), but when the movie consists of the Miami cop partners in Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, I guess people just want more of this entertainment (including myself since I’ve already seen it twice in the theater). But more? Yah, there is a very good chance there will be a Bad Boys 4, even though a lot of the marketing surrounding this film (as well as within the film too) suggested that it was going to be their “last ride”. In Marvel fashion, the film has a short extra-credit scene which basically confirms that the Bad Boys will be back again.

It isn’t perfect, but currently sitting at a 7.3 on IMDb and 77% on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s a general consensus that it’s definitely a decent movie. Martin Lawrence is corny as hell but at the same time sooo bloody funny, there were lots of laughs in the theater as I sat there laughing too. Will Smith is Will Smith, not much more to comment there except that he killed it and the on-screen relationship that Mike and Marcus have is absolutely classic. Vanessa Hudgens (looking jaw-dropping as ever by the way, Kyle Kuzma is a lucky man if they’re becoming an item), Charles Melton (Riverdale), & Alexander Ludwig (Vikings) joined the cast and all three provide great lines and banter to the film. So too Joe Pantoliano (Captain Howard), and even a witch joins the cast. Kidding about that, but you’ll get that hilarious joke when you watch the film… which you should! Anyway, with a rumored $90M budget, the film to date (January 30th) has done aroundish $223M since its release 2 weeks ago. Not bad for a Bad Boys movie.

Oh shit, I forgot to mention. There were two notable stars, an American DJ and a “Nicky Jam”, who made cameos which’ll make ya chuckle. I won’t give the DJ away, but let’s just say it’s a no brainer that you watch this film.

My Review: 7.6/10

Image via Will Smith on Instagram, where he says his relationship with Martin Lawrence is “magical”.

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