After an incredible Super Bowl last night, the NFL season has officially come to a close. In other words meaning it is time to focus on basketball, and nothing but basketball. Now, keep in mind XFL round two starts this week and they have deals with Fox and ESPN, so there will still be a little football here and there, but it is basketball season from here until early summer baby.

The best of the NBA season is soon to come and that starts with the trade deadline. February 6 is the day of the madness and nobody really knows what is in store for the following days. Some are predicting an unusually quiet deadline this year, while others are stirring the pot with rumors such as Daryl Morey being trigger happy and wanting to deal Capela, and the Minnesota Timberwolves being ready to do something big like trade away KAT or go after DLo.

Deadline week/day could result in literally anything from a couple minor moves involving role players and second round picks, to multiple blockbuster trades involving some big name players and coveted assets.

I have prepared a quick and easy to read chart based on all things I’ve read/heard/observed leading up to this point. It includes all the names of the bigger, relevant players who have been the cause of noise (whether they are being offered or inquired about), their respective team, their contract situation, and my guesstimation of how likely it is they are traded.



Keep in mind, much of this changes by the hour and anything can happen in the NBA. A couple of days ago, the majority of people around the league firmly believed “no big moves will be made” and now that is not the case. Stayed tuned for more content pertaining to the trade deadline as the madness unfolds.

Published by Jackson Stoever

Recent Oklahoma State graduate who is a die-hard Suns fan.

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