This is a short, spoiler free reaction to “The Gentlemen.”

There are certain directors that have such a unique trademark on their films that if you don’t know who’s directing the film when you’re watching, you’d be able to guess. Names that come to mind include Quentin Tarantino (obviously), Michael Bay (queue explosions) and Tim Burton (Coraline to this day scares the living shit out of me), amongst other directors like Taika Waiti. Well this includes Guy Ritchie and he’s back with his usual action comedy genre with The Gentlemen. I personally believe this is one of Guy Ritchie’s better movies to date, with Snatch (2001), Sherlock Holmes (2009) & The Man from U.N.C.L.E (2015) all being up there, in my opinion, with his best. The budget for this movie was just under $20M and it’s currently at roughly $51M worldwide, so it’s not a blockbuster but still putting up relatively decent numbers.

The Gentlemen is about an American Matthew McConaughey attempting to sell his illegal marijuana empire in the United Kingdom to another American party, Jeremey Strong (Succession, Black Mass). If you’ve seen Snatch, then you can definitely see similarities in the humour and action which just screams Guy Ritchie. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a brilliant film which notably includes Brad Pitt playing a crazy Irish bare-knuckle boxer, and a very funny, albeit dry Jason Statham – I highly recommend seeing it. Anyway back to the main topic, The Gentlemen has that very dry British comedy which makes the film very entertaining, and for me being from London it’s honestly kinda homey. Hugh Grant for example, plays a very camp private detective and is certainly the joker of the film. Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy, King Arthur), who has spent time with Guy Ritchie when he starred in King Arthur (2017), is Mathew McConaughey’s trusted, loyal secondhand man. Hunnam’s character spends the majority of his screen time hosting Hugh Grant’s character at his home, but the chemistry between them is amazing and second-to-none. Colin Farrell (who’s getting ready for his role as the Penguin in the now producing The Batman) essentially runs a boxing club and is the role model to a bunch of East London kids. Farrell’s character is honestly pretty serious, but a couple of the “serious” comments he makes is actually funny. The movie takes you on some fun twists and turns without making it too hard to follow, but overall it’s a very solid film.

I’ve been reading other independent reviews and they’ve honestly been pretty mixed, with a couple even talking shit on the film. IMDb has it at an 8.1 and Rotten Tomatoes a 73%, which I think is pretty accurate. Anyway, it’s certainly worth watching at your local cinema.

My Review: 8.2/10


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