Miami Dolphins 2021-2022 Season Prediction

The NFL has officially released the 2021-2022 schedule for every team. Throughout the offseason many will try to predict records and how each game may play out. Last season the Miami Dolphins finished with a record of 10-6, just missing out on the playoffs. With their full schedule now unveiled, below is a week-by-week prediction of what I think Miami will do this season.

Without further ado, let’s get started…

Week 1: @New England Patriots

The Dolphins will get revenge for last season’s week 1 opening loss no matter who starts for New England. 1-0

Week 2: Buffalo Bills

Last season, Miami lost to Buffalo by 3 in Week 2. It was a close game, and I think Miami has improved enough this offseason to squeak one by against the Bills early in the year. 2-0

Week 3: @Las Vegas Raiders

Last time Miami went to Vegas they had the luck of Fitzmagic to pull them through. This time Tua will be the one showing off. Miami will win this one in convincing fashion. 3-0

Week 4: Indianapolis Colts

After a hot start the Dolphins face Indy. The change of scenery for Carson Wentz may do wonders for the Colts. This one is tough to predict for that reason. I’d say it’s a toss up, with the Dolphins sadly losing a close one, giving the Colts the tiebreaker. 3-1

Week 5: @Tampa Bay Buccaneers

After their first loss of the season the week before, the Dolphins travel to Tampa to take on familiar foe Tom Brady and the defending Super Bowl Champs. Miami will be hungry to get back on track after the loss in Week 4, however Tom Brady has too many weapons and too much experience. Miami takes the L. 3-2

Week 6: @Jacksonville Jaguars (LONDON)

Miami travels across the pond in this matchup of two future star QBs. The bad thing is that the NFL could have left this game in Florida, and it wouldn’t be as ugly. On the bright side, we don’t lose a home game. The Dolphins D will give Trevor Lawrence fits all day. Dolphins win. 4-2

Week 7: Atlanta Falcons

After a win across the pond, the Dolphins opted not to take a BYE week. Instead they take on Atlanta and their beast of a tight end, Kyle Pitts. This game will come down to the Dolphins 2nd-round pick, Jevon Holland. If he can live up to the hype and what Miami sees in him, Kyle Pitts will be locked up. However at this moment in time, I feel as though Pitts will have the edge in this one. 4-3

Week 8: @Buffalo Bills

This will be the litmus test for Miami to see where they stand as a team. On the other side, Buffalo will want revenge for their Week 2 loss. Last time Miami played in Buffalo it did not turn out so well. I think this one will be much closer than the last but will end with the same result…this one will be fun. 4-4

Week 9: Houston Texans

After going on a 2 game skid, the Dolphins welcome the team they robbed in the Laremy Tunsil trade. With Will Fuller now in Miami, Houston has few weapons. Miami gets back on track at the right time, before a short week and a TNF matchup. 5-4

Week 10: Baltimore Ravens (TNF)

Miami hasn’t been great at two things in recent years. Playing mobile QBs and playing the Baltimore Ravens, especially in primetime. In this matchup we get both. Hopefully they prove me wrong. 5-5

Week 11: @New York Jets

This is where the Dolphins start their playoff push. I mean come on…it’s the Jets. 6-5

Week 12: Carolina Panthers

Miami is used to seeing Sam Darnold. They will be able to contain him, making CMC the only real threat of the game. This one may be a nail-biter, but Miami will pull it out in the end. 7-5

Week 13: New York Giants

Daniel Jones is not the future for the Giants, and it will be clear by this time in the season. the Giants will once again be a bottom of the barrel team. 8-5

Week 14: BYE

The BYE comes at a great time. Off a 3-game win streak, allowing the squad to heal up before the final 4-game stretch. 8-5

Week 15: New York Jets

It’s the Jets. 9-5

Week 16: @New Orleans Saints (MNF)

No Brees will make this one a breeze. Michael Thomas will decline this season. The only hope the Saints have is Kamara, but with Taysom Hill/Jameis at the helm…yikes. Dolphins win this primetime matchup. 10-5

Week 17 @Tennesse Titans

As much as the Dolphins D has improved, there is no stopping Derrick Henry. 10-6

Week 18: New England Patriots

In the new 17th game, Miami will do much of the same as Week 1. The Fins win to clinch a playoff spot in front of the home crowd. 11-6

Miami has made several improvements this offseason and can hopefully capitalize on a good schedule this year. I don’t believe they have what it takes to win the division this year, but they will be good enough to make the wild card and maybe even pull off an upset. Let’s hope they do. #finsup

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